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Revit - Family Creation

Total Hours: 8

Creating Revit Families has been enhanced in latest releases of Revit. This is a full day class for the beginner and intermediate user to create unique families for their field.


After becoming productive with Revit the first question that arises is "how do I create a family?"


This class covers the step-by-step process to creating your Revit Families.

Topics Include:
  • Family Categories, Hierarchy of Families, Family Editor Interface, 2D - Symbolic Lines, Family Templates, Annotation Families, Symbol Families, Solid Extrusions, Sweeps, Blends, Swept Blends, Solid Revolves, Voids, Using Parameters, Reference Planes, Dimension Parameters, Nested Families, Work Plane-based Family, Material Definitions, Profiles, Flip Controls, Cutting Families, Cut Planes, Subcategories and Visibility, Fine Medium and Course, Family Formulas, Importing Content, Flexing the Model, Revision Parameters, and Naming the Family Trouble Shooting the Family


For groups that have a basic understanding of families, we will explore how to manage more complex Families using Parameters to create nested Family Types, and using Arrays and Formulas to build more diverse Families.


The class examples will be related to the discipline we are training. We can even create families that are needed in your current project.


Revit MEP: Mechanical and Electrical families

Revit Architecture: Doors, Windows, and other building components

Revit Structure: Connections, Bracing, Plates

Training Manual:

Dependent of discipline and topics

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