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AutoCAD: Advanced

Total Hours: 24

AutoCAD Advanced introduces students to advanced techniques and teaches you to be proficient in your use of AutoCAD. This is done by teaching you how to recognize the best tool for the task, the best way to use that tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Topics Include:
  • Advanced text objects 

  • Working with tables 

  • Defining dynamic blocks and attributes 

  • Outputting and publishing files for review 

  • Collaboration and automation tools 

  • Creating, publishing, and customizing sheet sets 

  • Managing layers 

  • CAD management and system setup 

  • Enhancing productivity by customizing the AutoCAD interface 

  • Using macros and custom routines


Completion of AutoCAD Fundamentals/Essentials or equivalent.

Training Manual:

498 pages

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